An introduction to external mindfulness, an essential skill for reducing social anxiety and improving your interactions and performance. Get out of your head and into the moment!


Larry Cohen, LICSW, A-CBT: began his clinical practice, Social Anxiety Help, in 1990, which became one of the two founding regional NSAC clinics in 2014.
Larry Cohen, LICSW, A-CBT
NSAC District of Columbia

Larry is cofounder and Cochair of the National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC), a network of many regional clinics around the United States dedicated to providing and fostering effective, evidence-based services for those struggling with social anxiety. He has directed the Social Anxiety Help clinic (NSAC District of Columbia) in Washington, DC since 1990 where he has provided cognitive-behavioral therapy for more than 1,000 persons with social anxiety, and has conducted some 100 20-week social anxiety CBT groups. Larry is certified as a Diplomate in CBT by the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, which has also conferred on him the status of Fellow for having “made sustained outstanding contributions to the field of cognitive therapy”.
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