NOTICE: Sessions are offered both in person (observing public health guidelines) and through secure video and audio telehealth calls.  

NSAC Kalamazoo

NSAC Avon, Connecticut, also known as Cognitive Behavioral Services of Connecticut, provides effective and evidence-based psychotherapy to help clients overcome and manage social anxiety and other emotional and behavioral difficulties that negatively affect their quality of life and overall sense of well-being.

In NSAC Avon, the therapist and the client will work together actively and collaboratively in a warm and non-judgmental environment. The treatment approach emphasizes skills acquisition (clients learn skills in the session with the therapist), skill strengthening (clients practice homework assignments after each session) and skills generalization (the therapist provides phone skills coaching to help the clients get unstuck when facing real life challenges). Clients will gain important insights into their difficulties while actively and consistently learning and building effective skills to foster positive and long-lasting changes.

The overarching goal for this treatment model is to help individuals learn not to habitually limit their choices or options due to social anxiety. Socially anxious clients often report experiencing fear of uncertainty, worry about being embarrassed or judged, and anticipation of a catastrophic outcome before entering a social situation. With cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and exposure therapy, clients will learn that they do not need to avoid normal discomforts in life, and that when they skillfully and mindfully face life challenges without turning them into suffering by escaping normal pain and discomfort, they are able to make their choices based on their true selves and authentic interests. By doing so, they will learn to build a life that is meaningful and full of possibilities.


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Staff at National Social Anxiety Center
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Dr. Hsiao-ching Chu

Dr. Hsiao-ching Chu, PsyD, A-CBT, DBT-LBC is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin. As a certified CBT (Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies) and board certified DBT therapist (DBT-Linehan Board of Certification), Dr. Chu teaches her clients tangible tools to make healthy choices by approaching life challenges flexibly and mindfully. Her background in psychodynamic and mindfulness-based psychotherapy allows her to utilize different therapeutic approaches that are most helpful to individual needs. Dr. Chu has extensive experience working with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds who suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and borderline personality disorder. She provides individual, couple, and group therapy.

Dr. Chu was trained at various clinical settings including Yale University Community Mental Health Center, Connecticut Juvenile Training School, and Maimonides Medical Center in NY prior to receiving her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hartford in 2006. Upon graduation, she worked as a full-time staff psychologist and later as a senior staff psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center (MMC) from 2006-2015. While working at MMC, Dr. Chu continued to seek out intensive and specialized training as well as intensive case consultation from leading experts in cognitive-behavioral therapy (Beck Institute), dialectical behavior therapy (Linehan Behavioral Tech), exposure and response prevention (University of Pennsylvania Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety) and psychodynamic psychotherapy (Columbia University Psychodynamic Program). In 2013, Dr. Chu and her colleagues founded Brooklyn CBT/DBT Consultation Team to support clinicians in providing effective and evidenced-based treatments. In 2015, she moved back to Connecticut and since then she has been working in private practice in Avon.


The National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC) exists solely to promote
evidence-based treatment for social anxiety, and education about social anxiety.
NSAC is not a group psychotherapy practice, and does not provide any psychotherapy services.
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