36-year-old African-Caribbean female; District of Columbia
(written story)

“After 5 months of participating in weekly group sessions with seven other amazing people from all other the world, I got my life back!”

I joined Larry’s Social Anxiety CBT Group in the Fall of 2017. At the time, I was struggling with moderate to severe social anxiety at work, within the family, and within my personal romantic and social life.

In the workplace, I would experience anxiety speaking up in meetings, leading meetings, dealing with conflict, speaking impromptu, giving presentations, and participating in networking and team building social activities. In these situations, I felt nervous, tense, self-conscious, and paralyzed by the fear that others would notice my anxiety and ridicule or think less of me.

I attempted to manage my anxiety by rehearsing answers, spending extra time overpreparing for meetings, and finding a range of excuses to avoid social events. I was seen as shy, anti-social, and unemotional, traits which did not represent me and labels which became very limiting for me as a corporate professional. I was disappointed in myself and felt that I was operating well below my potential. If I ever wanted to grow or advance in my career, I had to tackle my social anxiety.

In the family environment, I was a complete giver who sacrificed constantly and chose to please others to avoid conflict at any cost. I avoided parties, holiday parties, and every other invitation that came my way. I feared that asserting myself would erode my relationships and alienate cherished family and friends but this was really not helping me at all. I felt constantly drained and resentful that my needs were not met and that others did not reciprocate in implicitly understanding what I was too afraid to ask for directly.

Coupled with those experiences, was my total avoidance of romantic relationships. I found it difficult to navigate the dating environment, often avoiding potential partners and cancelling dates when I couldn’t control my social anxiety. I fixated on all the things that would go wrong and avoided what I believed would be certain embarrassment as much as I could.

I say all this to say that my life was controlled, and severely limited, by social anxiety. I felt that I deserved a higher quality of life, and in my internet search for help, I found Larry’s Social Anxiety CBT Group. After 5 months of participating in weekly group sessions with seven other amazing people from all other the world, I got my life back! I moved forward in my job, started a consulting business, and may, just may, have found the one…we shall see (lol)!

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