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Christine A. Padesky, PhD, a clinical psychologist, is cofounder of the Center for Cognitive Therapy in Huntington Beach, California.  She is codeveloper of strengths-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and has coauthored six books, including the bestselling self-help resource, Mind Over Mood, 2nd edition (Greenberger & Padesky, 2016) and the therapist training manual, Clinician’s Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood, 2nd edition (Padesky with Greenberger, 2020). Dr. Padesky is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Aaron T. Beck Award for significant and enduring contributions to the field of cognitive therapy from the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (A-CBT).

In the following video clips, Noah Clyman, LCSW-R, director of NSAC New York City (NYC Cognitive Therapy), interviews Dr. Padesky about how to use her new Clinician’s Guide to increase the effectiveness of doing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).


Dr. Padesky describes common errors therapists tend to make, and her free YouTube clinical tip series covering topics such as how to design homework, and how to measure change. These clinical tip videos are between 90 seconds and 9 minutes each, so they can even be viewed between therapy sessions.   


Dr Padesky describes strategies for making thought records (cognitive restructuring) work effectively, and how to time them appropriately in the therapy.


Dr. Padesky describes how CBT is valuable in working with diverse client populations, and working with problems such as social discrimination.


Dr Padesky describes how her new books, Mind Over Mood, and the Clinicians Guide, use PDF-fillable forms, which are particularly valuable to therapy in the age of telehealth.


Dr. Padesky describes additional common therapist errors.


Noah Clyman, LCSW, A-CBT
NSAC New York City (NYC Cognitive Therapy)