Should I Do Individual or Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Depending on your need, preferences and resources, you have the option of doing cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you overcome your social anxiety in one-on-one individual work or in specialized social anxiety CBT groups.  Both individual and group CBT are, on average, equally effective, according to outcome studies.  But depending on the person, group and individual each offer different advantages:

Advantages of Individual CBT for Social Anxiety

• Much more flexible in scheduling of sessions, and in the frequency and duration of therapy

• Much more individualized attention and assistance from therapist

• Can work on other concerns in addition to social anxiety

• You will probably feel less anxious in session


Advantages of Social Anxiety CBT Groups

• Less expensive

• Identify with others who share similar problems, and feel less alone

• Support others and be supported by others, which tends to feel good

• Do many in-session and homework experiments with other group members

• Make friends with people who share a common therapy experience (which is a good way to keep making progress after group is over)

• You will probably will feel more anxious in session, which is a great opportunity to learn how to overcome your anxiety in a safe setting