These 10 clinical demonstrations of CBT for social anxiety techniques and strategies were recorded by Larry Cohen, LICSW, A-CBT (NSAC Cochair and cofounder, and Director of NSAC DC) and Chamin Ajjan, LCSW, A-CBT, CST (Clinical Director of NSAC Brooklyn). We suggest that you read the associated powerpoint slides and client handouts that correspond with each clinical demonstration for further information about how these interventions fit within the overall CBT for social anxiety treatment strategy.


1. External Mindfulness Experiment

See powerpoint slides 20-26.

2. Defusing from Hot Thoughts Experiment

See powerpoint slides 20-26.
Recording of social anxiety hot thoughts to use during defusing experiments:

3. Cognitive Restructuring Argument

See powerpoint slides 27-35.

4. Confident Imagery

See powerpoint slides 27-35.

5. Cognitive Restructuring & Being a Good Parent to Yourself

See powerpoint slides 27-35.

6. Use of Video Evidence in Experiments

See powerpoint slides 36-55.

7. Consensual Role Play

See powerpoint slides 36-55.

8. Head-Held-High Assertion Practice

See powerpoint slides 56-60.

9. Core Belief Argument

See powerpoint slides 61-72.

10. Then vs Now

See powerpoint slides 61-72.

Our workshops and webinars are offered as an educational resource for
mental health professionals who are already familiar with cognitive and behavioral therapies.
These resources alone do not suffice as adequate training
to conduct cognitive and behavioral therapies
for those with social anxiety and related problems.